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  •       Backpack (better than a suitcase while you are travelling)
  •      Small rucksack for in busses
  •       Presents for your host families (Only small items! Preferably something typical to your own country) 

                 Clothes and accessories

  •        Eiderdown protective sheet / sheet sleeping-bag  (bed sheets and pillowcases are not provided in host families)
  •       Pair(s) of trousers 
  •       Shorts 
  •        Swimming suit
  •        Zip-off-legs pair of trousers
  •        Shirts (long and short sleeves)
  •        Socks
  •        Underwear
  •        Shoes
  •        Slippers and sandals (are also cheaply available in Ghana) 
  •        Towels

               Toilet articles

  •         Toothbrush
  •          Toothpaste
  •         Deodorant
  •         Tampons (sanitary towels are easier to buy) 
  •        Sun cream (with high protection-factor) 
  •        protective lipstick or cream 
  •         After-sun cream
  •        Body lotion especially in the windy Harmattan winter) 
  •         Mosquito repelling cream / spray / lotion (containing at least 30% DEET)
  •        Cream relieving insect bites
  •         ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts = salt / fluid supplement)
  •         Multivitamins (the food in Ghana often doesn't contain all necessary ingredients for a healthy diet)
  •         Paracetamol or another painkiller 
  •         Wound disinfectant spray / lotion 
  •          Plasters and first aid kit 
  •         Sterile set of needles etc. (pharmacy / Health service)
  •         Mosquito net (treated with Permetrin)
  •         Anti-travel-illness drugs
  •         Pair of glasses and / or contact lenses and its containers (when you need them) NOTE : Tamale is very dusty so that lenses  alone will      not be enough for most people
  •        Spare pair of glasses
  •       (Cleaning/storing) fluids for contact lenses (are NOT available in Ghana and it is spoiled faster because of the heat)
  •         Thermometer 
  •          Mirror and comb / brush




  •       Pen, paper
  •       Diary
  •       Dictionary (English to your mother tongue and vice versa)
  •       Reading books