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Working as a volunteer is a great way to put your shoulder to the wheel and to be busy in a meaningful way together with and for other people. Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to widen your horizon and learn a lot. We hope that you, as a volunteer, will contribute to the project, but will also learn something of this experience yourself. Nevertheless a lot is expected from you. We require that you take your job seriously and will mean something for the project you are working at. Of course you have brains. In addition to this you need to have relevant working experience  in the area of your interest .At this moment various volunteers are working in Ghana for LABFoGh.

Lam Al Bashir Foundation Ghana (LABFoGh)  has a lot of experience with voluntary work and has good knowledge of Ghana. For this reason we are able to make sure motivated and capable people fit on the right location to work as a volunteer. We also assure an optimal coaching. We will serve our volunteers with relevant assistance and support during their preparations and stay.  In order to guarantee this, we generally place no more than fourteen volunteers each month. 

For admission to the program a compensation fee will be paid to LABFo Ghana Voluntary Account. This compensation covers the costs the organisation incures for your placing and includes board and lodging.


What do we offer you in short?   

    A working place

    A host family 

   Introduction, coaching and assistance during your stay 

Working place

The kind of work you are going to do depend on your experience, motivation and educational background. LABFoGh co-operates with several projects where enthusiastic and suitable volunteers are welcome and needed.  

Host family 

LABFoGh not only attempts to find an appropriate and suitable working place, but also arranges your accommodation in a host family. You are given the opportunity to make acquaintance of the rich Ghanaian culture and its habits and experience Ghanaian life and cuisine. Breakfast and supper are included in your program fee. Through living with a typical Ghanaian family you have the great chance to taste all aspects of Ghanaian life, but also will have a new temporal home.

Introduction and coaching

A good preparation and coaching are very important. Realising you are going to a developing country and the circumstances will be completely different compared to the Netherlands (Western Europe or America). At our website you can find a lot of information which is necessary for a good preparation. Besides this, the team of LABFoGH s is always ready for you with tips and advice via LABFoGh@gmail.com, lamalbashirfoundationghana@yahoo.com

Your arrival in Ghana

After your arrival in Ghana you will get a three-day introduction, before really starting your job. If you arrive on the settled day of the month you will be met at the airport by a LABFo Ghana -Exercurtive Staff member, who will then take you to a Hotel/guest house. The introduction starts the very day after the monthly arrival date, your registration fess, feeding and accommodation fees would be paid to the LABFoGh Voluntary program Bank account.Introduction will be partly done in Accra and partly in Tamale our hometown in the North of Ghana. During your introduction you will have time to calmly get used to the new environment and you will be given information about culture, health, food, changing money, et cetera